Professional teams

Because your patients deserve the best, we at Exp’Air are happy to provide you with our medical teams of the highest level for your commercial airlines repatriations

High-level expertise

Our team of experts is made of medical doctors, registered nurses, nurse’s aides graduates with years of experience meeting Intensive Care requirements in the best hospitals and who are passionate about the practice of medicine on aeronautical transport.

Aeromed transport

Matching the increase of airport’s safety regulations and limitations of airline companies, our experienced medical staff, trained on a regular basis, will accompany your patients, providing the knowledge necessary to operate all available medical equipment on board (oxygen devices, power supply…).


Our EXP’AIR teams can extract unstable patients in complex
situations within MEDIC’AIR and its subsidiaries’ mission framework.

In order to successfully operate complex evacuations, for almost thirty years Medic’ Air has been training Aeromed teams – Doctors, Nurses, Nurse’s aides – who are now part of Exp’Air staff

Years of experience
Doctors, nurses and nurse's aides of Intensive care
Patients transported every year successfully


As soon as your medical team prescribes a repatriation on a commercial aircraft, and while your logistic team organizes the flights, EXP’AIR provides you with the doctor, the nurse or the nurse’s aide whom you need to escort your subscriber

Being professionals of the Medevac using the best equipment – chosen after analysis of the medical report supplied – our medical escorts also benefit from the permanent follow-up of our three Operations platforms, providing update directly from the various stages of the mission.

We provide an experts' team which represents your company and will bring to your
subscriber the comfort and the safety of a medical presence bedside-to-bedside.





You need to organize the transfer of a patient stabilized towards another hospital?
One of your subscribers has to go back home accompanied?

Aside from emergency situations, EXP’AIR provides you with his medical teams for any evacuation of stable or stabilized patients by regular airlines.

Send us your request :

AND EXP’AIR provides you with an estimate quote including the medical team, insured and contracted.
Medical equipment adapted to announced pathology, phone and logistic follow-up
by our OPS desks.

Upon receipt of your request, a dedicated desk of Exp’Air will shortly provide a quote including the cost of the medical
escort – according to the time of mission estimated – and medical and nursing equipment and logistic follow-up.


  • Swift Evac within 24 hours by air or by surface
  • Air Ambulance flight
  • Unstable patient extraction
  • For any urgent situations Medic’Air International groups will immediately meet your needs :